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There was a time when the internet was just bush !!
There was no google, facebook or youtube.
I remember my Pentium 100mhz without audio card, HD 534mb, 512kb video card with only floppy input.
After a while we got a 56k fax modem card and dial-up internet access.
I bet many here remember the difficulties of the time as they had configurations similar to mine or even worse.
Many here don’t even know what I’m talking about.
Well, when it came to music on the computer it was very complicated at the time. We only had very heavy wav files, we heard about an mp3 player and we had midi files.
I remember well that as I didn’t have an audio card one fine day I was able to find on the internet a way to play midi files using the pc’s own speaker.
And it worked! It was just joy.
From then on we started to collect midi files found on the internet. I remember well the large number of sites that existed with these free files mainly on the sites where people made their own home pages such as the old ones: Geocites, cjb.net, angelfire, tripod.com and several others already extinct.
The purpose of this site is to bring together these archives from the period and new ones in a single place that is easily accessible to everyone. We don’t aim to harm any musician / record company, we just share what is available on the network. We track and republish what is already available for free on the net as can be found using google and other search engines. If any of your work has been published and you want to request a removal please enter the contact page.
We are making our collection available free of charge with over 100k midis.
They are separated by categories with the artist’s initial letters, but you can use the search function.
This site has taken us a long time and costs $ to maintain it. If you want to make a donation, we will be very grateful.